Why did I join the Military Writers Guild?

I’m not in the military.

I’m not even a veteran (though I did marry one).

So why did I join the Military Writers Guild?

Because I write about people who serve in the military, and the families that endure the burdens of military service alongside them. Because as a writer, I believe that the challenges and struggles faced by military personnel and their families affect us all, even if we don’t realize it (or don’t want to).

Because I want to make sure that the stories I tell are as well-told and authentic as I can make them.

Because I want to learn from the experiences of my fellow writers and share my own experiences with them, that we may all be stronger writers and tell better stories having the benefit of those lessons learned.

Because writing is hard, and because being part of an active community of writers makes the inevitable aches and pains of the writing life a little easier to bear.

Because the people in the Military Writers Guild are friendly folks who write all sorts of different things (from novels and memoirs to white papers and strategy blogs) who’ve warmly welcomed me into their community and conversations.

So, do you write about the military?

Join us.

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