My name is Carrie Morgan, and I’m a writer. (I have a day job, but at heart, I am a writer.)

My novel, The Road Back From Broken, was published in October 2015. Road is the story of Jacob “Fitz” Fitzgerald, a U.S. Army sergeant whose struggles with alcohol, post-traumatic stress and survivor’s guilt have estranged him from his wife and son. When a DUI car accident leaves Fitz facing the possibility of losing both his Army career and his family, he realizes that his relationship with his family can be healed only by confronting the very memories he wants to forget and by coming to terms with his role in the death of a comrade killed in an IED attack.

You can buy Road at the following retailers:

Amazon US (paperback & Kindle)
Barnes & Noble  (paperback + Nook preorder)
Amazon UK  (paperback & Kindle)
Amazon Canada  (paperback & Kindle)
Kobo (preorder – ebook releases 1/19/2016)
iTunes (preorder – ebook releases 1/19/2016)

I am working on several other projects: What Fury Left Behind (a sequel to The Road Back From Broken); In The Shelter Of Each Other, a novel about two gay soldiers struggling to find themselves and each other under Don’t Ask Don’t Tell; and another, as-yet-untitled novel about a young man’s journey from Colorado’s eastern plains to the mountains of Afghanistan.

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